Second Slices® specializes in custom designed Cakes n Cupcakes for Weddings, Birthdays and all special occasions. We work personally with each client to design a cake for their celebration, taking the time and ensuring that the final result is no less than a masterpiece! All Cakes are baked from scratch.
Edmonton, AB.
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Creating beautiful, elegant and stylish Wedding Cakes,Cupcakes and Cookies!


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   Located in South Edmonton-Summerside

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By Alberta Health Services

 Cakes & Cupcakes

                             Filling Flavors

Our fillings are made of silky Italian Meringue Buttercream ! Our Buttercream recipe made simply with REAL BUTTER, eggs and sugar. Below you can find the variety of flavours we offer. Except for the Vegan and Eggless Cakes/Cupcakes

  Vanilla Buttercream

  Chocolate Buttercream

  Mocha  Buttercream

  Raspberry  Buttercream

  Strawberry  Buttercream

  Dulce Leche Buttercream

                **** Premium fillings can be added for an additional cost

  **** Blueberry  Buttercream

  **** Chocolate Ganache

  **** Cream Cheese  Buttercream

  **** Saffron and Cardomom  Custard

  **** Vanilla Custard

   **** Chocolate Custard

    ****Passion Fruit Curd or Buttercream

  **** Lemon Curd

                                                      Cake Flavours

 Rich Chocolate Cake- An intensely flavourful and moist chocolate cake made with the darkest cocoa available.  Vanilla- A moist and flavourful vanilla cake made with Madagascar vanilla bean.

Marble Vanilla & Chocolate

Red Velvet- A southern tradition,

 Raspberry Swirl


                      Premium Cake Flavour available for additional cost

  Carrot- Without a doubt the best carrot cake you have ever had!

   Lemon- Our classic vanilla cake with the addition of fresh lemon zest.

  †Coconut- A moist and flavourful coconut cake.

  Banana- done with Real fruit

  †Double Double Chocolate-


  †Lemon Poppy Seed

  †Cardomom & Saffron

Gluten Free Cakes



 Red Velvet


Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies for Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Corporate  Events.

Second Slices® will cater to your every Cake wish! Below are some of our flavours – but we are more than happy to accommodate any request. Second Slices Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes are custom-made pieces of edible art. We can create the Cake of your dreams, in both design and flavour.  The Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies will taste as good as looks.


  Vegan Cakes n Cupcakes     Vanilla


   Red Velvet



Eggless Cakes n Cupcakes



   Red Velvet



· Allergen Warning: Second Slices® Cakery Inc. is NOT an allergen free facility. At any time your cake may come in contact with wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, and dairy.  


*Gluten Free Warning: Please be advised that although we are providing a product that does not contain gluten, Second Slices® Cakery Inc. is NOT a gluten-free establishment, and although we will take every precaution to protect your product, cross-contamination may occur. Please take this into consideration when ordering gluten free products.

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